Celebrating Girl Power!
Reserve your seat at this celebration where girls are affirmed,
encouraged, and appreciated.
All girls are welcome to attend.
Girls need to be taught that their glow comes from inside. They have many gifts and outward appearance fades. What makes us wonderful is our genuine inner beauty.
Our glow is brightened by the love we have for ourselves and freely express to others. When we love self and others, we create a peaceful environment.
Our glow should be OUTLOUD. Don't hide your light under a bush. Let the world see you shine. You don't have to play dumb so that everyone else can glow.
Our glow is not limited to our own world. We have a worldview and take interest and action in our local community and abroad. Girls can see the world!
PAST: Glow Girls ME Party Spring 2018
ME Party 2018
  1. Carla Maxey
    Our inaugural ME Party in May 2017 was a hit! The girls along with a supportive adult in their life spent time being celebrated. There was an ice breaker and intro session where the adults were asked to introduce their "girl" to another adult, highlighting her strengths and boasting about what the "girl" has been up to. Each girl was later showcased and we talked about what we recalled about each girl from the intro session! The girls were so proud to be remembered and affirmed. The planning committee is looking forward to our next ME Party.
  2. Parent
    "This was great! Please do it again and again!
  3. Middle Schooler
    "Thank you Mrs. Carla! I didn't think I would enjoy myself but I did!
  4. Kindergartner
    "This food sure is good." "Can we keep the beach balls?" "Can we keep the sunglasses?"
A Celebration of Girl Greatness!

Q:  What's a ME Party?
A:  It's a Party & a Self-Worth Workshop.

Q:  Who is it for?
A:  It's for middle school girls, younger girls and a supportive adult.

Q:  Is there a cost?
A:  Yes, the ME Party is $12 per girl and $10 for each adult.

Q:  Is there a dress code?
A:  Sundresses are encouaged but wear what you have.

Q:  Will there be food?
A:  Yes, box lunches to go provided by The Urban Food Company at the end.
  1. Confidence
    What does it mean to be confident? Where does confidence come from? How do you show confidence? Do you need to be more confident?
  2. Optimism
    Let's take a positivity assessment. Are you an optimistic girl? Are you a pessimistic girl? Did you know there is power in optimism? Your victory is in your response.
  3. Fun
    All work and no play makes you a bit cranky. Learn to unwind and have fun. Fun is required.
  4. Fellowship
    Fellowship combats isolation and depression. Let's get together. Let's lean on each other.
  5. Excellence
    Anything worth doing is worth doing with excellence. Make excellence your standard. Give "it" your all! Put forth your best effort.
  6. Education
    What's next? Formal education High School College Trade School Entrepreneurship
Scenes from our May 2017 ME Party!
  1. Mini Group Photo
    Mini Group Photo
    Girls posing at the end of a great session!
  2. Say "Meeeeee!"
    Say "Meeeeee!"
    After Party Fun
  3. We Matter!
    We Matter!
    Self-Worth Me Party 2017
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