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Mirror, Mirror is a series of positive self-perception boosting activity journals written by your Glow Girls Founder, Carla Maul Maxey for GIRLS to take a look inside of themselves  instead of looking solely at the reflection in the mirror. 

These activity journals for GIRLS will walk GIRLS through ideas to help improve self-talk and ultimately to help improve confidence, self-perception and worth which will lead to better choices and better outcomes.

These activity journals can be given as gifts or used as a resource for positive girl's self-worth workshops. Do you want to lead a workshop for your group of girls? Contact us for a custom workshop outline* to aid you as you lead the charge to make a difference in the life of girls. *A minimum purchase is required for the outline.

The activity journal for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten girls are to be completed with an adult. 

All other activity journals can be given to girls to work through on their own with access to a caring adult for discussion or questions. We do offer workshops to help the girls get started with their journaling.

Visit  Lulu.com  to pick up your activity journals.

There is something special for our GROWN GIRLS and even Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs too. Visit the Grown Girls Only page to get the adult journal.

New eBook: 5 Reasons Why Everyone Deserves to have a Life Coach! Only $5 will score you a 29-page journal and assessment tool! Get it, give it as a gift...JUST GET IT!

If you are purchasing 30 or more of the same activity journal, please contact us for your FREE custom workshop outline for facilitators, teachers and girl group leaders.