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Are you satisfied with your LIFE? If so, congratulations, do nothing! If not, read more...

It's late 2018! What happened? You were so fired up when I talked to you the end of 2017!
Your dreams were so vivid. Your goals were clear and you were READY to make it happen! Your mind was made up.
You agreed with me that you deserve the best life
has to offer and you accepted the charge to deliver to the world what you have been gifted!

Somewhere between THEN & NOW, you lost some of the drive, determination,
confidence & boldness needed to sustain you from vision to manifestation.

You are not alone! Do you know what you need?
You are ready for a Greatness Coach to help you keep moving and get it done!

The 1st quarter of the year is a time of reflection for most people right before the
4th quarter memories come rushing in and you are reminded that you that you need to
reset and get firedup again for the coming year.

It's time for you to get in on my 1st quarter Greatness Coaching Restart Package.
Invest in yourself and spend 30 minutes with me to get a grip on what's next once
and for all! From now to January 30th, you can get Greatness Coaching for
30 minutes for $25*.
*Offer applies to new clients ONLY.

Once you complete the form on this page, I will use the Setmore app to schedule
your Greatness Coaching Session and FREE Life Satisfaction Call too.

As your Life Coach,
I am your professional accountability partner.

I will help you create a custom blueprint for an

even more fulfilling life based on your FREE current
life satisfaction reading.

Next, I will

1. Teach you to verbalize your long term goals.
2. Challenge you to set short-term goals.
3. Motivate you to complete midrange steps. 
4. Encourage you as you encounter & eliminate barriers.
5. Celebrate your successes.

If you are ready to schedule your FREE Virtual & 
Life Satisfaction Call, complete the form HERE:
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I coach adults, young adults and children with a

special interest in girl's self-esteem coaching for
pre-adolescent girls,  teenage girls and young ladies.

You will be asked to agree to a similar agreement as shown here:

Coaching Client Agreement SAMPLE

I understand that coaching is NOT a form of therapy although coaching may be used in conjunction with therapy.

I understand that through our sessions we will be dealing with my present situation and my future, but will NOT probe into the past in any therapeutic manner.

I understand that my coach's qualifications are as follows:

Carla Maul Maxey has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Purdue University and was trained by The Character and Self-Esteem Institute as a Certified Life Coach and Certified Girl’s Self-Esteem Life Coach.

I understand that what we discuss is strictly confidential.