2019 Member’s Privileges include:
Photo membership card
(valued at $10 with studio head shot)
2019 Kick off event invitation
FREE Vision Board workshop

(valued at $10)
Valentine’s Day Private Celebration Pitch-In
Monthly Meet Ups with refreshments

(fellowship/guests welcome)
Private Quarterly Birthday Party Pitch-In

(members ONLY)
Printed Fusion Friday Cookbook

(valued at $10)
Monthly Cookbook Project

(lessons & some groceries/supplies provided)
“But First C.O.F.F.E.E." Certification discount

(valued at $15)
2019 Quarterly one-on-one coaching for each girl

(20 minutes valued at $80)
Spring ME Party meal ticket

(valued at $10)
Summer Fusion Friday discounts

(waive $20 registration fee)
Glamping food discount

(valued at $15)
2019 Early Bird Membership Registration

(now until 1/31/2019)
$50 for the entire year*
$20 due at time of registration;

balance due by February 15, 2019
2019 Membership Registration

(on and after 2/1/2019)
$70 for the entire year*
$20 due at time of registration;

balance due within 45 days
(invoice will be sent).
Registration for 2019 membership opens

on Friday, December 21, 2018. 


*Any age girl that can read or
repeat the pledge can be a

If you do not understand any of the components
of the Glow Girl's pledge, just know that this is a
personal power movement and you will come
to fully understand, embrace and
appreciate each statement in this pledge.



We are Girls who Love Outloud and have a Worldview.
We Grow, Initiate and are Real-Time Leaders
who Live to Shine.

As a Glow Girl, I embrace the powerful woman that I am
I am committed to nurturing the woman
and gifts that the world is waiting for.

Glow Girls Love
I love myself and show it,
and I love everyone else unconditionally.

Glow Girls Love Outloud
I make no apologies for loving and living
outloud with boldness and intentionality.

Glow Girls have Worldview
I understand that the world is bigger than
my space and I am determined to see and
engage in more of it.

Glow Girls Grow
I live with a willingness to always learn more
and never settle for what I already know.
I will keep growing!

Glow Girls Initiate
I know I can take initiative, anticipate next steps
and be bold enough to take them.

Glow Girls are Real-Time Leaders
I stay ahead of the curve by seeing myself
as an innovator. I respect rules but also
believe that I have the power to make rules.

Glow Girls Live
I live like my life depends on it. I live and
love hard and insists that everyone else
allow me to live my best life.

Glow Girls Shine
I let my light shine; expect my light to shine;
make sure my light shines. I know,
declare and walk in my worth.