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2018 Testimonials

I'm still smiling when I think about the August 2018 Glamping Weekend! When are we going again? Folks, do not miss it!

The May 12th ME Party was pretty amazing!

Thank you for having the ME Party! The girls thoroughly enjoyed it but I didn't expect to have a great time as an adult. I'm glad I came!

The ME Party was magnificent! I had been having a hard time saying nice things to my daughter for a long time before today. Mother/Daughter SUCCESS!!

Thank you for having the self-love workshop for the girls to craft and chat on the night before Valentine's Day. I know you wanted to go see Michelle Obama but was glad you refused to go without having tickets for the Glow Girls. The crafting was awesome!
2017 Testimonials and FAQs

Q: Is the Teen VB Party only for TEENS?
A: Yes, ideally our teens will get the most out of the session if they are participating with other teens. There will be future opportunities for adults or younger girls to make vision boards.

About the VB Party

"The session was great! Thank you for inviting me!"
"I told my girlfriend to come! When is the next one?"
"I need to finish my vision board at home. We spent all of our time talking!"

About the Teen VB Pizza Party
"This was fun. I'm going to tell my friends?"
"I would have never thought that adult presenter was ever called shy."
"I really like my vision board. It was my first time creating one and I will use it!"
"Those cupcakes were soooo good!"

More 2017 Testimonials

About our movie date to see Hidden Figures:

"We have to do this again! That movie was everything and time with you ladies has been magical!"

"I'm so glad I decided to come with the Glow Girls to the movies!"

"How do you get a selfie with 30 movie goers?"
Answer: You don't but you hold the memory in your heart and try again next time!

 About our Inaugural Meet-Up on 1/15:

"This is awesome! Count me in on the workshop to make the full-sized mirror!"

"I do love this full-sized mirror!"

"I can hardly wait for the March Adult Coloring Book Linner which includes wine, right?"

Answer: Yes, there will be wine. Remember, preregistration and payment is required to save your seat. Check out the EVENTS page and contact us to reserve a seat, wine, linner (lunch/dinner) and all coloring supplies. I find coloring to be therapeutic but this is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY!

"Do I have to be a teenager to come to the TEEN Vision Board Party in February?"

Answer: Yes, the 2/26 TEEN Pizza Vision Board Party is for teenagers ONLY.

"Can I buy these books you wrote?"

Answer: Yes, I can take your order and payment now and the TEEN book is on sale. Check $10 books page for more information.

About our Vision Board Party:
"I needed to be here with these wonderful women and girls! The energy in this room is incredible and so positive."

"Thank you for founding Glow Girls! I'm so glad I'm here!"

"I'm going to put my Vision Board on my night stand."

"Thank you for encouraging me to add a mirror to my vision board so that I can look at myself and be constantly reminded that I deserve everything that I put on my Vision Board!"

"Can I come to the next one too?"

"This Vision Board will be the 1st one I actually keep up with and act on!"