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Living Hyggely Ever After for me is slowing down long enough to appreciate the simple things in life. It's about creating a cozy sanctuary where you feel comfortable and are encouraged to live in the moment. Light a candle or lots of candles, get in an easy chair or stretch out on the couch. Grab a book and listen to and watch fireplace videos on YouTube. Bake something or grab a soothing tea. Slow it all the way down and concentrate on what is really important to you, make plans to enjoy them and find ways to be generous.


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  1. Apr 2
    The Weekend
    Sunday Night
    This word says alot about how I lived Hyggely Ever After this weekend. I second guessed some decisions and ultimately said YES and proceeded with making some memories and practiced generosity when I attended my great-niece's graduation, volunteered several hours at a local business support event, chalk painted a Goodwill table with my youngest daughter and even after settling in at home this evening, I went back out to see my great-nephew to buy car wash passes from him to support his school fundraiser. Once home, I settled into a cozy spot on the couch, slipped my socks off, put my feet up, grabbed a blankie and sipped some cranberry juice. Auntie Mommy Carla USA
  2. Apr 1
    April Fool's Day
    In 2002 I started looking forward to April Fool's Day. That's the start date on my local pharmaceutical company offer letter! Yep, I started work on that day 15 years ago! Last week I received an award in a low key almost non-existent "ceremony" where my boss' boss handed me my heavyweight glass and silver plaque "slash" trophy and congratulated me. I think she said thank you and it was over and on to the items on the staff meeting agenda. That was quick and not at all representative of the service, relationships, work and life I have lived over the past 15 years. I decided to live Hyggely Ever After and encourage myself. Sometimes we have to. I spent a little bit of 4/1/2017 reflecting on a few of my favorite work things over the last 15 years and chose to smile to myself by myself and thanked God. Last week somebody said, "Here's to 15 more!" To which I rapidly replied, "Ornah!" Carla USA
  3. 8
    Finally Saturday
    Rise AND Shine
    The weekend was slow to arrive and quick to leave. I'm grateful for the marvelous weather. If you're gonna rise, you may as well shine! Make the most of weekends by starting the fun on Friday night. I went to Lowe's. Menards is cheaper. Bright and early Saturday morning, I went to see The Smurfs 10 am show. There were so many life lessons and I actually was entertained. The Grands loved it and my adult daughters stayed awake. Spent the rest of the day walking and werking in the fusion section of town, Broad Ripple and even had a wedding anniversary dinner at 317 Burger...go there! Finished out the day doing what makes me happy...trip to Michael's, Dollar Tree, Sundae's Ice Cream and no tv with my honey. That's living Hyggely Ever After. Sincerely, Mom, Bobbie Dee, Mrs. Maxey
  4. 9
    It's Palm Sunday
    It was virtually impossible to be as fantastic today as I was yesterday but I sure tried. I started the day in church at the 9 am service. I am inviting everyone who will to meet me at Heartland Church on Saturday at 5pm for our Easter Service. There are multiple Sunday services on Easter but I'll be there on Saturday. Christians have to make it easy for people to get to Jesus. I forfeit my Sunday seat. I barely made it to the gas station after church because guess who was nearly out of gas...again? Went to Menard's and breakfast at Keystone Deli...hole in the wall with good food. Saw my Mama's 1st cousin there and that warmed me. Spent the afternoon living Hyggely Ever After finally putting a 2nd coat on my childhood dresser! Pix another time. Enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the grocery store, 2nd trip in 2 days and finally home with my feet up watching Clint Eastwood western stuff with my guy. I talked to an old friend and made Good Friday night plans. Remember to do something cozy, fun, relaxing and comfy.
  5. 15
    Saturday Before Easter
    Today was reflective and turned out to be a delightful day full of gratitude and thankfulness for God's grace. This was intentionally a slow it down, take it easy, enjoy your surroundings kind of day. The sunny day went by fast and the evening was spent with family at church celebrating Easter. Here's to living Hyggely Ever After. We see God based on our experience with Him. We follow tradition, intellectualism or personal experience to define God. I am so glad that Jesus can relate to pain (Friday), confusion (Saturday) and Resurrection (Sunday). Because of Him, I can hope for relief from pain; get clarity for confusion; and see life again in dead things. Thank God. Carla
  6. 16
    Easter Sunday
    I celebrated Easter in a church service yesterday evening. Growing up, I always went to church on Sunday mornings and Sunday mornings only. This year, my immediate family celebrated on Saturday. Easter is more than a holiday or even a season. Easter is a mindset that allows me to believe and know that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God; I accept Him as my personal Lord and Savior; I know that God rose Jesus from the dead on the 3rd day; I know what my sins are; I repent of them and I am forgiven. Today, like every day, I lived Hyggely Ever After because Jesus Christ lives inside of me. That's the good news! Happy Easter All! Carla
  7. 21
    GGWW Friyaaaay!
    Glow Girls Worldwide had it's initial 2017 Advisory Board Meeting tonight at our new office in our new classroom in Broad Ripple, Indiana! The energy in the room was electric and everyone present felt it. All parties, male & female were asked to seriously consider being a standing Board Member. Let's hope they say YES! We spent a few hours mapping out the calendar for 2017 and even more time laughing and talking. Robert's Rules were not strictly enforced, although our Sargent-At-Arms took her role seriously. The group took a tour and even settled into the Hygge Corner that just needs more lights & ready material. Today was a good day...Ice Cube would agree. Coach Carla
  8. 22
    Coaching is FUNdamental
    Today started with a "no show" of teenagers for the Teen Advisory Board Interviews. We are regrouping & preparing for a Skype or Be Live chat then a face-to-face brief interview. Today was spent with a few board members: brainstorming rapidly escalated into a magical encounter with a teenager who stopped by with one of our partners for a quick tour & snack. We had no idea that we would be instrumental in helping her use her 21st Century Scholar status to move closer to pursuing a 4-year degree...beginning this Fall after high school graduation...The GGWW Meet Up then turned into a walk through resulting in a short to-do & shopping list for the office, a reconfiguration of the classroom & some good old quality uninterrupted conversation. Today, I learned to love people where they are. God reminded me to keep going and keep GLOWING! The chairs in the photo are seats in my office where 1:1 coaching takes place. Until next time. Happy Everything. Coach Carla
  9. 23
    Last night ended with a birthday celebration for my Godson with is family. He's 34 now...PRICELESS MEMORIES! This morning the Pastor talked about the Holy Spirit with us & in us, closer than a brother! He reminded us to receive this Comforter, Helper, Friend & Enabler & to share the good news with others. I did a little grocery shopping at Aldi after church & tried really hard to take a Hyggely Sunday afternoon nap but it didn't happen. Went into the office briefly, did some crafting, reconfigured the classroom...AGAIN, ate a little Mexican food & let the evening wind down eating Sundae's Ice Cream Shop lemon oreo ice cream in a waffle cone...that's living hyggely ever after. Did manage to see 1/2 of The History Channel's movie on The LA Riots: 25 Years Later & sad to say I'm not yet convinced that we can all just get along, as Rodney King asked. Keep going people. Keep Glowing! Coach Carla
  10. 28
    Friday was slow to come and left shortly afterwards. The Lower Level was full of love when a group of friends celebrated their Girl's Night Out in the Glow Girl's classroom decorating wine glasses. We are all amateur artist's but oh what a night. The friends laughed, ate, painted, talked and laughed some more. The evening's lesson revolved around journaling and the importance of writing down our dreams and the upper hand those who journal have over those who only think about their goals. It was a night to remember and a good time was had by all! The smiles on the faces of friends making memories was my Friday Hyggely Ever After. Coach Carla Adding Artist to the list.
  11. 29
    Because of Them
    Glow Girls is because of the little girls. This one graced us with her presence during the new business open house at our new office and classroom. She took full advantage of the space playing with other little girls in the presence of loving adult women who spent the afternoon talking only about making the world better for her and her new friends. My Business Partner cooked and I baked. The kids ate their share of cupcakes! The adults kept eating the homemade salsa while commenting on it being too hot to eat! We are thankful for all of the friends and family that stopped by to take a tour, enjoy some food, dessert and beverages. There were children and adults asking questions, taking it all in, making donations and vowing to come back real soon. The Hygge Corner was popular with the kiddos and of course, there were Selfies. even had an impromptu jewelry boutique pop-up in the corner while the kids learned to just chill. Here's to another great Saturday. Thank you God. Coach Carla
  12. 30
    And Then This Happened
    Last night was spent w/old classmates talking loud & laughing even louder. This morning I had a visit from one of the cutest babies in this neck of the woods & then I prepped for today's Vision Board Party for Middle School girls. The future visionaries had never created vision boards b4 but they jumped right in with selecting images that are symbolic of the dreams that they now have translated into goals. Their vision boards are going to be prominently displayed where they see them every day in order to stay focused, motivated & inspired. They were extremely proud of their creations. They were very intentional with the images & words they selected for their boards & went on to embellish them & eloquently explained their boards to others. We had a productive afternoon & they can't wait to come again. Afterwards, I went for a casual dinner out with my man & settled into a cozy spot on the couch to end my weekend with a Hygge moment with my phone, low lights, a warm blanket & my precious memories of this weekend. Come on May. All good, Coach Carla
  13. 5
    Friday Road Trip
    I was off work on Friday. My daughters were too. The grands got to miss school for 1 day. I was the driver because my husband could not go. I took a road trip to St. Louis to attend the college graduation for 1 of 3 nieces finishing college this semester. I drove a rental car for better mileage than my every day car. I invited my grandchildren along so that they could witness & experience the excitement of a college graduation for their cousin & to give them something to look forward to. The car ride was smooth, the hotel was nice, the drinks my nephew made to make up for us not going out for Cinco de Mayo were fair but the laughs, hugs, smiles & memories were all worth the hard work we put in packing up my niece's dorm/apartment at the last minute once we arrived since she did not take care of that beforehand! We packed, loaded the UHaul & started celebrating. The grands even got to swim in the hotel pool & unfortunately I went into Wal-Mart for yet another glue gun...cap wardrobe malfunction! Auntie Carla
  14. 6
    Graduation Day...Times Three (3)
    8:30 am
    Hats, or should I say Caps Off to my nieces Rajene (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville); Logyn (Ball State University); and Faheemah (Bowling Green State University)! They all 3 graduated from college...on the same day...in different states! How? I attended the 1 I knew about first and saw photos from the other 2. Rajene and Logyn are 2 of my brother's girls and Faheemah is my sister-in-love's niece so she's my niece too! They were all smiles and as you can imagine, their parents were pretty pleased. The whole family is celebrating their accomplishments and looking forward to what is next for them all. It was not until last Mother's Day that I wore my own 1st college cap and gown so I know firsthand how elated they are! What a rush! Love them all! Auntie Carla
  15. 7
    Sunday Already?
    4:00 pm
    Where did the weekend go? I knew this was going to be one exhausting and exhilarating weekend but boy did I underestimate the level of wonderfulness that would be in the air. To top it all off, I hosted Glow Girls Worldwide's 1st Teen Advisory Board Call using Facebook Live Audio. It's new and I had not noticed it until today. I used freeconferencecall.com as a back up & to allow participants a call in & speak option but the new FB feature is more like a live podcast where the facilitator speaks & the audience listens while communicating with the facilitator & other audience members by typing comments. It was pretty spectacular. I talked for an hour discussing what teenagers want & appealed to the adults on the call to refer or nominate teens to GGWW for the now forming 10 member Teen Advisory Board. You can refer teens, as well. Our next call will be in one month. Follow our calendar to join in. Good Night, Coach Carla
  16. 12
    Teens Still Color
    Friday night I had the pleasure of introducing a group of teens & a few preteens to the Glow Girls Hygge corner and to the concept of coloring for relaxation. We discussed causes for stress, things or activities to relieve stress and more importantly, how to manage it! The girls learned some breathing techniques and we talked about meditation, which is simply calming the racing mind. We popped popcorn, seasoned it with a variety of flavors, ate snacks, pizza and oh yeah, we colored! The girls had a great time based on their surveys and they can't wait to come again and again! Coach Carla
  17. 13
    Grad Day...AGAIN
    All Day
    3 more of my "nieces" graduated from college today. Congratulations are in order for my nephew's wife who earned her Master's degree; to my niece's niece who earned her Bachelor's degree; and to my golden girlfriend's daughter who earned her J.D. in Law! I tell you these girls are GLOWING! I did not attend any of the ceremonies but I most certainly attended the open house for one of these gems. They grow up so fast and I, along with the rest of the families, am soooo proud of them all! Higher education has been a priority for this single mom, newlywed and young adult and their commitment and perseverance has paid off! Their futures look pretty bright and I'm thankful that they call me Auntie Carla! Go forth and conquer, Ladies! You did it. Auntie Carla
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  19. 14
    What a Happy Mother's Day!
    All Day
    Mother's Day 2017 was a grand affair for me! I started the day at our 9:00 am church service with my husband, daughters, grandchildren and my 2 best girls who I consider to be my A1s from Day One, which is a term of endearment for those who you consider to have your back for as long as you can recall. Everyone enjoyed church, they toured my office and classroom, went to my girlfriend's house and waiting for my Godson to arrive. I received some Purdue University gifts, clothes, sandals, flowers, cards and pictures. My Godson took us girls out to lunch and then we went to a wine tasting. FUN is an understatement! We were living the GOOD LIFE all day long! After dinner, I went home, put my feet up, reflected on the weekend and counted my blessings. Here's to living Hyggely Ever After. Calm, Fun, Cozy, Relaxed, Food, Lighting, Memories, Generosity Carla
  20. 19
    Ready, Set, Color
    On Friday night, we met in the Lower Level (Glow Girl's classroom) to unwind a little over crayons and lively conversation. Adults Color 2 is a stress reduction workshop. The premise is that when you hands are busy, your mind is focused on what your hands are doing. If you are coloring, you are thinking less about the stressors that cause your mind to race. The group shared other hand craft activities that they indulge in to relieve stress like friendship bracelet making, oragami, and sculpting. I spent a few hours with adult women and we shared snacks, the week's successes and misses and surprisingly, we turned out vibrant masterpieces using crayons, markers and colored pencils. Coach Carla Colors Too
  21. 20
    It's A ME Party
    Saturday was our first ME Party at Glow Girls Worldwide. A ME Party is better than a Tea Party. Girls 12 and under came to the Lower Level with a concerned adult for a potent dose of self-esteem and fun. The beach themed party had food, cupcakes, lemonade, crafting and discussed self-worth as the girls were showcased based on what we listened to their concerned adult say to describe each girl, her interests, her activities, hobbies and favorites. The girls were our focus and we "planted" some self-esteem seeds that will last the girls a lifetime. They will recall the experience and the nuggets that came with all that fun. Self-talk is started with what girls hear others say about them AND what they believe and what they repeat to themselves about themselves. Coach Carla
  22. 21
    Sunday is a day of rest for the most part for me. I went to church early, went to breakfast, went home took a nap and took it slow the rest of the day. Sunday's rest was much needed following a crazy, high energy, fun overdose kind of Saturday! Yesterday, I had to swim my way to a ME Party as the rain came down; then on to a movie; some mall walking; an adult birthday party and a late night college graduation party...WOW! Where is my HYGGE?! I made it home by 2:00 am only to get up at 8:00 am to make it to church by 9:00 am.
  23. 26
    FRIYAAAY...again & again
    Today was the first of many Fridays OFF work! Yes, school is out and I'm taking off Fridays until September. Picked up the GRANDS, hung out in Broad Ripple, hitting the Monon Trail for exercise with them and the First Born. I managed to get more than 9,000 steps. I mean my FITBIT was smoking!!! The grands were ready for 9,000 more but I called "bio break" and it was over. We walked and walked and walked and then we walked back and passed BRICS where they HAD to have ice cream...none for me. That vanilla was so tempting but I'm counting calories and see BBQ in my near future so I passed. It was a great day and start of a long and wonderful weekend!! I'm making plans to find my Hyggely Ever After baking for my nephew's Memorial Day Cookout! Let's go. Bobbie Dee, Mom, Auntie Carla
  24. 27
    Today we went into the office for a quick minute or two and then headed over the Broad Ripple Park for a hike, a little work out, checked in on our nephew's DJ set and played on the playground with the GRANDS. We saw the girl grand show up the boy grand on the monkey bars! She nailed it...multiple times. We watched him bite the dust trying to swing from bar to bar...epic fail and I really wanted to rescue him but he shook it off plus his Pawpaw wouldn't allow me to "baby" him. HMMMPH. Witnessed their mom work the circuit at the park and then watched the girl grand bite the dust in the mud in her fun dress...oh well. Stopped by nephew's park shelter for a quick bite & some music. All was well until somebody melted down on the swing when Pawpaw would not or could not push girl Grand high enough on the swing...park day over! The wind down began with Pawpaw smoking 40 pounds of rib tips for tomorrow's BBQ. And Happy Birthday Edmonn & Jayden!! Auntie Carla
  25. 28
    Memorial Day Weekend
    Hubs grilled all night, I do believe. He smoked 40 pounds for rib tips for EJ's BBQ. That took all night but boy were those rib tips good. Went to church at 9 am and came home to bake, bake and bake some more before heading over my nephew's house to hang out. I met his new dog Xavier. He's small for now but he is going to be huge! We took our lawn chairs and sat outside all day and well into the night. Was feeling grown so I shared a Mexican cigar with my best girl from middle school! We ate, talked, laughed, sipped a little bit and just had a Hyggely good time! Here's to making memories, relaxing, staying calm and comfy! I love watching the kids roast marshmallows. It made me want to go camping so we discussed a family camping trip...stay tuned... Hyggely Yours, Coach Carla
  26. 3
    Hey Hygge Saturday
    Today's "Mind Your Business" live class was postponed but I did put additional touches and changed the cover for the FREE eBook that was offered to registered class attendees and their BOGO attendee. The eBook is now available for ALL for $5 and the paperback book is available for $9.50. The A to Z best practices guide is for Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs too! Pick it up at https://bit.ly/JussReadMore and let me know what you think. Stay tuned for the reschedule of the business training. You need this! I went to an amazing baby shower...IT'S A GIRL!! Once home, I enjoyed a lowkey, uneventful and quiet evening with my guy! Those times are priceless. Come on Sunday. Hyggely Yours Baby, Coach Carla
  27. 4
    Today I was at church at 9:00 am and I had a guest who decided to be a regular attendee. I hope she makes Heartland her church home. It's a great place. Today, Pastor talked about tithing. This is a lesson we learned as far back as I can remember being active in church. I have vivid memories of my childhood Pastor talking to the youth choir members during rehearsals about giving, commitment to God, obedience to His word and proving that you trust God to take care of you. I do. I remember having Prove Me Month at church when I was younger where the Pastor challenged the congregation members who did not tithe to try it allow God to prove His promises. Our Pastor called on us to prove God for June, July and August. Everybody was knodding in agreement and I heard a few Amens. Malachi 3:10 {Jesus is real.} After church, I went to Lenscrafters for eye films...not sure why...it was free and all was well. Here's to yet another Hyggely Weekend! Carla
  28. 10
    Sidewalk Chalk
    all day
    Today, me & the family had lunch at Chuy's & we went to a sidewalk chalk festival! We saw so much talent & creativity & even saw the kids try their hand at it...my big kid and her small kids. After the festival, we walked to get our steps in and once home, we propped our feet up, counted our blessings & relaxed into an uneventful evening. Chuy's is a Mexican Restaurant where the drinks are ice cold & the food is piping HOT! The Sidewalk Chalk Festival had vendors & displayed sidewalk creations by various artists & we did cast our vote for a young Asian woman who chalked a full lips, high cheek boned black woman favoring Madam C.J. Walker. Grandson drew a dino with chalk & his crafty Mom drew an abstract. Granddaughter waited in the long line for face paint with Pawpaw & I just relaxed & watched it all.
  29. 9
    Fusion Friday Success!
    8:30 am
    Friday, June 9th was the FIRST ever Fusion Friday session at Glow Girls Worldwide. We had 4 girls who did not all know each other at check in time but by the end of the day, they were all BESTIES! Fusion Friday is a Self-Esteem Boot Camp for middle school girls. Go to the Fusion Friday page on this website to get in on the fun. There are 10 session. We packed alot into 1 day...introductions & ice breakers, walked to & hiked in the park, t-shirt art with scissors, Guinness planning, Musical.ly, Dollar Tree, King's Beauty, Walmart, Target, Starbucks...WOW! Next week should be even more powerful for the girls! We did a GO LIVE on Facebook & one of the viewers who happens to be a caterer promised FREE lunch for next week! Coach Carla Certified Girl's Self-Esteem Coach
  30. 11
    Sunday was truly a day of relaxation. Me and hubby found our Hygge right at home. We streamed live with Heartland Church from the comfort of home. We missed all the smiling faces but rest, chill, relax, be cozy, food and fun was in order today for self-preservation. Self-preservation is necessary if you give yourself away. Pouring out everything you have to plant it into others can give you power & you may feel charged initially but you will have to regroup to replenish for the next time, person, girl or group that you are charged with seeding into. I spent all day with my husband and then went to a 1 year old's birthday celebration for my deceased sister's great-grandson. That was FUN!! At the end of the day, I felt refreshed, renewed, full, inspired, tickled, motivated, & thankful for the opportunity to make more precious memories.
  31. 16
    Fusion Friday 2 of 10
    Those middle school girls give me life! Last week, there were 4 and this week there were 8! Thank you God! We had another full day. We started out picking up donuts from Taylor's Bakery! $10 for a dozen of all varieties. The donuts were so big, we cut then in half to share! The girls embellished their notebooks with all kinds of stuff donated by a Friend of GGWW! The girls learned to use a contraption to slice, peel & core apples & they were eating fruit...YAY! We went back to Dollar Tree & Walmart for more slime supplies. The girls put on their pedometers, we went over house rules including NO PUT DOWNS & set a 10,000 steps goal for the day. We walked to Broad Ripple Park, made slime, walked so many steps & returned to the classroom where we were met by the Owners of Sammy Fatty Cakes with FREE lunch, as promised last week. There was pulled pork, buns, mac N cheese & beans...delicious. The girls signed a thank you card & we jumped into our journaling lesson on self-talk with exercises & discussions. Afterwards, 1 of the girls made frozen fruit smoothies for us all. Looking forward to Week 3.
  32. 17
    More Memories
    Last night, I went back to the GGWW office with my husband & business partner to military clean after the quick clean up job me & the Glow Girls did following Fusion Friday. Lots of glitter & my BP made me promise to eliminate it from our sessions...oh ok. Had a visit from a Friend of GGWW. She took a tour & brought me a beautiful purple tutu made for our GRANDdaughter's birthday. Today, I picked up daughter #2, the GRANDS, shopped for a birthday gift & went to celebrate my Goddaughter's little girl's 3rd birthday. What a time the kids had in the pool even though they didn't bring swimsuits! I went home, changed clothes & went with daughter #2 to a high school graduation open house for a VIP. The celebration was so exciting & everybody was having a good time dancing, laughing, eating great food & just loving up on the graduate who is headed to Indiana State University in the Fall. It was a late evening & I got home late but managed to chill & decompress with hubby before a good night's sleep to get up early for church at 9:00 am.
  33. 18
    Happy Father's Day, Indeed
    BIG UPs to my husband, my daughters' FATHER & DAD! My absolute best friend, ride or die, cheerleader, hero, protector, provider & priest who loves the Lord, his family & ADORES those grandchildren. We were joined at church by friends from Detroit & the first born daughter. We had breakfast at Metro Diner & that mimosa hit the spot. We had a party of 8 so there was a wait but the time was well spend sitting on a bench outside on the restaurant's "porch" in the warm weather under partly sunny skies. That's HYGGE. We came home for an after church nap. Mine lasted a long time & I thought about a movie but opted to stay home & listened to 2Pac's album on YouTube. The Father of the House did what he loves & cooked dinner, pork chops, collard greens, mac N cheese, baked beans, corn bread & deviled eggs!! I told you he's the best. He basically never takes a day OFF. I'm teaching him to Hygge & he's learning to slow down, relax, get cozy, chill & have even more fun! You must try this HYGGE Life! Your Life Coach
  34. 23
    Fusion Fridays
    Mall Walk
    The girls are bonding, journaling, crafting, strengthening their personal power & WALKING 10,000 steps per Friday. It rained, no, it stormed today so we had to walk indoors at Keystone at the Crossing Mall & got in 10,000 steps roaming & sampling throughout the mall. We tried lipstick & things in MAC, looked around the Apple store, tasted tea, tried hand soaks, lotions & even bought $1 bags with Personal Power messages on them! WINNING. Back in the classroom, we did meal planning, worked on our savings shadow boxes & ate our last fast food meal for lunch...stay tuned. Tomorrow, we launch our first Facebook Fundraiser Campaign. We are looking to raise $28 per week for hot lunch groceries for the next 7 weeks. We will meal plan, grocery shop, make video presentations, document our recipes, steps & memories. We will take pictures & put it all together in a Fusion Fridays Hot Lunch Cookbook that we will publish & sell to the public. Donate to our campaign at https://bit.ly/7HotLunchesGGWW and thank you! Coach Carla & the Fusion Friday Glow Girls
  35. 24
    Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch
    The Fusion Fridays Glow Girls are learning self-sufficiency, team work and how to pool resources and raise funds to help themselves. With $28 per week, the girls can plan and prepare their own hot meals. We launched a $200 hot lunches fundraiser yesterday with the goal of getting enough money for groceries. I will supplement the groceries with staples that I have on hand along with food donations. We are depending on friends of Glow Girls to help us reach our goal by mid August, a little at a time. Stay tuned. The girls will practice project management, learn about philanthropy and perfect their hot meal cooking skills and documenting the Summer 2017 journey! Thank you in advance for your generosity. Coach Carla Fusion Friday Glow Girls
  36. 25
    Hygge Sunday
    Sunday Funday
    Went to church and Pastor John Jenkins was in thee house! Wonderfulness! He set the tone for a wonderful day. I found my Hyggely Ever After with breakfast with my guy followed by the much adored Sunday afternoon nap then made an appearance at the Broad Ripple Duck Race where the grands checked out the exhibits, toured the fire station, scored BRICS free ice cream passes & a few other FREE trinkets. We then all went to Watkins Park for a FREE concert that was pretty good. The weather was great & the park was full. We saw alot of familiar faces, enjoyed good music, ate some decent food, sipped a little something something, checked out the playground & sat around laughing really loud! Good times! It was dark when we got home from the park & chilled on the couch until we got groggy & called it a night & another wonderful weekend. Carla
  37. 30
    Hot Lunch!
    Mission Accomplished! The Fusion Friday Glow Girls are eternally grateful for the friends of GGWW who contributed to our Hot Lunch campaign. We reached our goal in record time which means that we are having HOT lunches for the rest of the Summer! The girls discussed fundraising and generosity. We will discuss philanthropy all throughout July. We bought groceries, discussed the menu one last time & mapped out the steps for meal preparation. The girls polished their presentation skills by going LIVE on Facebook & walked our followers through the meal prep step-by-step. A number of our followers complemented our work, asked about purchasing our cookbook & even let us know that they appreciate the tutorial because they have never made lasagna. Menu: crockpot lasagna, George Foreman grill garlic bread, salad, homemade lemonade & jello. All DELICIOUS! Tune in next week for quesadillas and more... Coach Carla
  38. 1
    Walk It Out!
    New Month
    I started the morning surprising a friend who is about that Fit Life and inspires me every single day. She is a walker & runner and invited some local ladies to meet her downtown for a brisk 8:00 am walk. We met, we walk, we took a few pictures and went on with our day. I got my heart rate up & clocked more than 5,000 steps by 9:00 am & my guy was with me the whole time! It was a great morning. After the walk, we shared a 4-egg omelet and headed over to the GGWW office & classroom to military clean following Fusion Friday! We picked up the grands late & spent the afternoon & evening with family where we kicked up our feet, enjoyed some grilled food & sides, watched a little tv, talked all at the same time, laughed, laughed & laughed some more while making plans for the 4th of July. We headed home to relax a little bit & prepare for church in the morning. Good night. Carla
  39. 2
    Celebration Precursor
    Tomorrow we'll celebrate the 4th of July at my nephew's house. Today, we went to church, had breakfast at home with the grands & went to my nephew's house to hang out the day before the family BBQ! The kids played in the yard while we watched my nephew & my guy perfectly grill hot dogs, brats & chicken wings. That was some wonderful CHICKEN!! We played Tonk & I pretty much spanked everybody! Some of my family got lucky for a few hands but for the most part, I was declared the WINNER! I wanted to play Spades but not enough people were confident in their counting books abilities! Another time for Spades but the evening was well spent in the backyard planning for tomorrow, sipping homemade lemonade, relaxing and laughing really hard! My Hyggely Ever After is found in making memories! Thank you, Lord. Auntie Carla, Bobbie Dee, Snook, Coach
  40. 7
    We Just Did!
    Fusion Friday was so exciting today. Those Glow Girls planned their meal for the day & they also mapped out their goals for the $$ they will save in their Savings Shadow Boxes that they have been working on for 2 weeks. They brushed up on presentation skills by explaining their goals & shadow boxes. They prepared George Foreman quesadillas & some made & ate walking tacos for the 1st time. The girls set the table, sliced lemons for the homemade lemonade Koolaid, seasoned the cheese for the quesadillas, made & sliced the quesadillas & layered the ingredients in their personal unique walking taco. They made orange jello with pineapples & later added a red layer of jello to their cups. We window shopped & mall walked working on those 10,000 steps. The girls wrote 3 thank cards for generous friends of GGWW. We received donated snacks, a custom first aid kit bag & some cash. Kudos to 2 of the girls who were intentional about straightening the classroom for everyone. Next week they can take a break. Coach Carla
  41. 8
    Lowkey Saturday
    Toy Factory
    Today was sooo chill. I started out at the GGWW office & classroom cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Girls straighten but women clean! The girls did a better job this week of picking up craft remnants from the floor, throwing away all trash, leftover drink cups, putting away cooking supplies, & clearing the tables & chairs. The girls actually put away the supplies leaving plenty "cleaning" for me & my business partner. We later found our Hygge at Champs listening to live music by Toy Factory. We enjoyed the music with a few family members & lots of friends that we did not expect to see at Champs. The music was wonderful. The crowd was hyped. The drinks were cold & the weather was perfect for an outdoor performance. We got home late after stopping for a quick bite to eat. Today was a good day, in our Ice Cube voices! Hyggely Ever After Mr. & Mrs. Maxey & Maxey, LLC
  42. 9
    Soul Goals
    The Lost Matter
    Today at church I saw myself in Jonah. God put Jonah in the pressure cooker to think. Jonah was a man of action. He loved God. He needed to recalibrate. He had to re-adjust. God got Jonah's attention when he was wrapped in seaweed. Jonah had fear, anxiety, & distractions. After church, I attended a Growth Track session where we talked about finding freedom by connecting with others. Real church happens in circles, not in pews so I will join a Small Group. People knowing God is our primary purpose for being at Heartland. We are here for the people who are not here yet. We have to make it easier for people to come to God. God loves His found. God longs for his lost. The best days of my life: the day I was born & the day I discovered why. Living is saying, "I was born for this!" His Favorite
  43. 15
    My Way
    Last night, we went to the Indiana Black Expo free concert as always! F.U.N!!!! Today, we went all the way to Greenfield, Indiana to attend an Open House at a candy store. Me and the Grands and their Pawpaw tasted free samples of ice cream, bottled soda, snacks and candies including chocolate covered gummy bears. We picked up some Spinners and I got the bluetooth speaker Spinner for a whopping $5.99. I do love small towns! The Grands didn't know where we were going and somebody even fell asleep. Imagine his surprise when he woke up in a candy store! I love making memories. Afterwards, we went to Culver's and ate outside and headed back to Indy in time for me to get dressed for the Babyface and Fantasia concert. Secret Santa gave me 2 tickets so I celebrated Christmas in July for real! It's Black Expo weekend and celebrating everythang is the name of the game. Mission accomplished! Carla Faye
  44. 16
    Growth Track
    Today in the Growth Track class at church, we took personality assessments and took a test to identify and confirm our spiritual gifts. I was surprised to discover that teaching is not my primary spiritual gift. That doesn't mean that I am not a Teacher, but that teaching is not my strongest spiritual gift. My strongest gifts are in Administration, Leadership, and Faith. Based on today's assessment, I would serve best in a ministry that utilizes these gifts first and then my secondary gifts. I already know that I want to serve the children and I want to lead something and I want to use my Administration gifts to organize, plan, coordinate and facilitate in some way. Stay tuned... After class, I went home and took a long nap. I had plans to do other things but just didn't have the energy after 2 concerts in 2 nights. I found my Hyggely Ever After on the couch next to my guy after he prepared dinner for us both.