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When you see the word GIRL on this website, you are not limited by age, and the term refers to young girls and GROWN girls too!​​

Glow Girls Worldwide monthly Meet-Ups started in January 2017.
Meet Ups are FREE of charge. 
It's a mini party full of inspiration & face-to-face socializing. 

In addition, you may save the date for upcoming 2018 Glow Girls Workshops.  These workshops are offered to Girls of all ages, including GROWN Girls and are an exercise in self-perception and inner glow. 
The 90-minute sessions include materials, a presentation & socializing.

Lead by Founder, Coach Carla, unless otherwise stated
About Glow Girls Worldwide
Girl Power Movement

* * * NEW FOR 2019 * * *
2019 Member’s Privileges include:
Photo membership card (valued at $10 with studio head shot)
2019 Kick off event invitation
FREE Vision Board workshop (valued at $10)
Valentine’s Day Private Celebration Pitch-In
Monthly Meet Ups with refreshments (fellowship)
Private Quarterly Birthday Party Pitch-In for members
Printed Fusion Friday Cookbook (valued at $10)
Monthly Cookbook Project (lessons & some groceries/supplies provided)
“But First C.O.F.F.E.E." Certification discount (valued at $15)
2019 Quarterly one-on-one coaching for each girl (20 minutes valued at $80)
Spring ME Party meal ticket (valued at $10)
Summer Fusion Friday discounts (waive $20 registration fee)
Glamping food discount (valued at $15)
2019 Early Bird Membership Registration (now until 1/31/2019) $50 for the entire year*
$20 due at time of registration; balance due by February 15, 2019
2019 Membership Registration (on and after 2/1/2019) $70 for the entire year*
$20 due at time of registration; balance due within 45 days (invoice will be sent).
Registration for 2019 membership opens on Friday, December 21, 2018. 

* * * NEW FOR 2018 * * *
This Girl Group Registration Fee is $18.00 for the year!
Register your "girl" for this movement and she will get the following "Member's ONLY" privileges:
Monthly Member's Meet Up
Discount on courses, workshops, classes
Quarterly 1:1 coaching check-in with Coach Carla
Free age-appropriate journal
Early bird registration for ME Parties
Entered to win Glamping supplies
FREE Cut-It-Up t-shirt for instructor-led class
and more!!!

Glow Girls Worldwide is a girl-focused , PERSONAL POWER, life skills movement that concentrates on creating experiences for girls where they are encouraged to seek out their purpose, prepare for their future, and fully understand their worth through interactive workshops, coaching, face-to-face socializing and art. 

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MORE About Glow Girls
By joining our squad, you will be added to the Glow Girls fan roster and you will receive priority email notifications including early bird registration options for 2018 events! 

We're glad to call you one of us.
All For You
Contact us to schedule your group's session.
You can have the entire classroom to yourself or we can invite others to join the workshops.
Click the email address below to make your request or to ask questions.
You will be glad that you did!
  1. Activity Journals
    Pick up one of our activity journals and start tracking your self-talk. This tool will help you create positive behaviors and be more mindful of what you say, think & believe about yourself. Can you afford to keep saying what you are saying?
  2. Real Talk Workshops
    Self Talk is the act or practice of talking to yourself, aloud or silently and mentally. What we say to ourselves repeatedly is what we believe which determines how we behave. Learn to identify what you have been programmed to tell yourself then adjust.
  3. Pay Her Way Campaign
    Friends of Glow Girls donate for a girl to participate who cannot afford the fees. Your help pays 4 events, supplies & food like pedometers, notebooks, shadow boxes, breakfast, walking tacos & even Starbucks on occasional field trips! Use the drop-down menu to give.
  4. What Did You Say?
    Enroll in a profound workshop for knowledge on programming that leads you to make the choices that you do. What you are programmed to believe about yourself determines your choices and your outcomes.
  5. Grown Girls ONLY
    Get an activity journal specifically for the Grown Girls. Explore how to get your mind right, your money right and your man right once and for all! Join the Grown Girls mailing list to stay informed on live chats, escapes and events for GROWN GIRLS ONLY.
  6. Service$ & Event$
    Coaching services are available for individuals & will be offered in group settings, as well. Group coaching will be conducted in seminar & breakout small group exercises.
At Your Service

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  1. J. Lou, Master Journaling Expert, My First Born
    J. Lou, Master Journaling Expert, My First Born
  2. Kitty, Creativity Facilitator, My Youngest Daughter
    Kitty, Creativity Facilitator, My Youngest Daughter
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